Ergoline 650

Kokomo's high pressure bed! It contains 500 watt HID canopy lamps to help boost and maintain a tan. Use this bed to help hold your tan after vacations as well!

Ergoline 600

Combination bed including long lamps and 500 watt HID facials. Prep your skin for the sun and build a base fast in this comfy bed! You'll be super impressed with the amount of space and comfort this bed provides, and blown away by its state of the art fan system!

Heartland Ovation 6400

This mid-level bed is great for building a base tan! Contains long lamps and 500 watt HID facials. This bed is great for clients who are just beginning to build a base tan!


Heartland Ovation 3400

This entry level bed contains long lamps and 400 watt HID facials. Best for clients who burn easily or have sensitive skin! 

Heartland 2M Stand Up

Great for a quick tan, this standing tanning bed is also a great bed for building a base.